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5 Steps to Long-Range Rifle Accuracy | Realtree

Do You Take Extra-Long Shots? It seems like every rifle shooter suddenly wants to be an “American Sniper.” We used to think we were real riflemen when younger, taking the occasional mule deer or pronghorn at 400-plus meter’s. Though we … Lue loppuun

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How to make a mirador | Shooting UK

Substantial shooting towers are common in Europe, so why don’t we see them here? Graham Downing demonstrates how to build your own mirador. If you have been lucky enough to travel overseas to shoot driven wild boar, you may well … Lue loppuun

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The right rifle for crow control | Shooting UK

Bruce Potts looks at crow shooting and talks rifles. Should you stalk or sit and wait in a hide? A 4am start saw me positioned in my favourite spot for a bit of crow control. Spring was on its way … Lue loppuun

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Kyyhkyjahti: Pigeon Shooting for beginners – easy as pie | BASC

In the summer, when the days are as hot as your barrels, pigeon shooting comes into its own. Since pigeons are capable of devastating agricultural crops farmers will often welcome responsible guns, so how do you get started? One of … Lue loppuun

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The Code of Good Shooting Practice – why you should read it again | Shooting UK

If you’re a responsible shooter, then you need to know the standards the shooting code sets … The Code of Good Shooting Practice — a summary Shooting behaviour: individuals must observe safety, the law and respect for quarry and other … Lue loppuun

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Karhunmetsästys poronhoitoalueella | Eräluvat

Paikallinen asukas ei tarvitse erillistä Metsähallituksen myöntämää karhunmetsästyslupaa, jos hän metsästää metsästyslain 8 §:n tarkoittamien alueiden (Lapin ja Kainuun maakunnat sekä Kuusamo, Pudasjärvi ja Taivalkoski) poronhoitoalueilla. Sen sijaan ulkopaikkakuntalainen metsästäjä tarvitsee aina Metsähallitukselta henkilökohtaisen karhunmetsästysluvan, jolla saa ampua yhden karhun. … Lue loppuun

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Which rimfire rifle would be best for you? | Shooting UK

I’ve been asked by an old friend to fit and zero a scope to his new BRNO rifle.Now, obviously, I can’t zero it for him. But what I can do however is make sure it’s shooting to the best of … Lue loppuun

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