One Million Tikka T3/T3x Rifles 10. march 2020 – Tikka T3x Lite Stainless cal. 270 WSM

Tikka rifles are manufactured Riihimäki in Finland

In 2002 launch Tikka T3 -rifle family accuracy and performance in any situation. Famous from Tikka rifle’s good trigger touch. The Tikka T3x rifle family were introduced in 2016 new features and enhancements.

Side by side the millionth Tikka T3x Lite Stainless and Tikka T3 rifles prototype made in 2001

Tikka T3 rifles succes based brilliant trigger touch and performance in any situation.

The first T3 prototype was made in 2001 and the production series was introduced in 2002.

This historic moment has been in the making ever since Tikka production was moved to Riihimäki from Tikkakoski in 1989. This is the largest production volume for a single model ever manufactured at Sako rifle factory.

Tikka rifles are sold all over the world.

Sako rifle factory output annually more than 100,000 rifles for year, several years.

The main share of this rifle output were the Tikka T3x version. Considering the continuing popularity of the Tikka T3-model’s for decades all around the world by hunter’s.

Millionth Tikka T3 / T3x rifle manufactured on 10. march 2020

Tikka T3 rifles model reached a historic milestone on tuesday as the Millionth Tikka T3 / T3x rifle was manufactured on 10. march 2020 at 8:54 am.

This one millionth Tikka is a standard production rifle, the very popular T3x Lite Stainless, caliber 270 WSM.

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Millionth Tikka T3 rifles were packed on March 10, 2020 by Elisa

This one millionth rifle is a very typical and popular Tikka T3x Lite Stainless, Caliber 270 WSM, sold all over the world.

Raimo Karjalainen CEO of Sako, says that the millionth Tikka T3x rifle will remain in the Sako Museum.

Sako intention is to produce a jubileum edition from this Tikka T3x rifle model later.

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