Scouting for game at night – Breaking Down the FLIR Scion OTM

Thermal cameras have changed the way we hunt, and FLIR has been at the center of that revolution.

The Oregon-based company has been providing high-tech thermal imaging equipment for military and law enforcement agencies for decades, and now that same technology is finding its way into smaller, more affordable packages—and into the hands of hunters.

The latest handheld thermal from FLIR is the Scion, and there are two models available.

The Scion PTM (Professional Thermal Monocular) is designed specifically for law enforcement officers and other public safety agencies and features the company’s TruWITNESS® platform that links these handhelds with other smart sensors for real-time communication.

The Scion OTM (Outdoor Thermal Monocular) is designed specifically for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, and like its cousin the Scion PTM it’s loaded with features that will make the Scion OTM appealing to its intended audience.

Handheld thermals allow you to scout for game like never before, providing more dynamic data on game movements than you could ever experience with traditional trail cameras.

Thermal optics don’t spook game like white lights, and by recording video and still images you can collect detailed records of animal behavior and movements.

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