Public hearing: Revaluation of the wolf population in the EU – 5th December, 10:30 to 13:00 | European Parliament

The current status of wolf populations in the EU, existing rules on their protection and their increasing impact on rural and farming communities and on the environment will be debated during a public hearing on Thursday morning by members of the Environment, Petitions and Agriculture Committees and invited experts.

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Follow live from 10:30 on EP live or watch the replay on Video on demand (VOD)

The impact on livestock of large carnivores, especially wolves, and the debates about their conservation and management have recently gained a lot of attention in several European regions.

The European Parliament has received a number of petitions (0984/2016, 0426/2018) illustrating some of the issues related to the status of wolf populations and their impact on EU citizens.

Large carnivore management is governed mainly by the Council of Europe’s Bern Convention and the EU’s Habitats Directive. While these instruments do not allow for open culling of large carnivores, over 900 wolves are deliberately killed each year in the EU.

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