Tikka M55 Sniper Rifle: Special Air Service Regiment, Australian Army

The Tikka M55 sniper rifle is a bolt action repeater made from a one piece machined receiver. The action features a solid bridge, grooved, drilled and tapped for scope mounts.

The bolt is one piece and has dual opposed front locking lugs with a bolt handle that serves as a safety lug. The magazine is a detachable, single column three round box type.

REL/16597The single stage trigger is adjustable for weight of pull. Receiver marked TIKKA M55 and the serial number. Polished bolt with a large black plastic knob. The barrel is stamped Cal .22-250 REM.

Oy Tikkakoski Ab, Made in Finland with British and Finnish proof marks. One piece wooden stock with a rough texture surface to the pistol grip and fore end around the sling rail.

It has a rubber butt pad and a detachable box magazine. Fitted to this rifle is a Kahles ZF69 6X42 telescopic sight marked KAHLES WIEN and a serial number.

This rifle was used by the Australian Special Air Service Regiment when they had the responsibility for urban counter terrorist operations in the 1980’s.

Marksmen of the regiment were issued with two of these rifles, one like this for day use and another fitted with a night telescope. A number of these rifles were obtained from the British SAS Regiment who used them for the same purpose as the Australian unit.

The choice of the high velocity .22-250 smallbore cartridge was to reduce excessive penetration and eliminate ricochets.

Period 1980-1989

Lähde: Australian War Memorial



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