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Kri Kri Ibex hunting is permitted on several Greek islands where, years ago, the Ministry of forestry has displaced a small number of animals from the Thermesos National Park, on the island if Crete, where a consistent population can be found, in order to create so-called “reserve populations” in order to protect the specie in case of epidemics or catastrophes.

The Kri Kri Ibex has adapted perfectly to life on these islands, reaching natural population densities and allowing for the hunt of several heads per year without damaging the population.

We offer the possibility to hunt this wonderful animal on two different islands, one approximately 150 km and the other approximately 300 km from Athens.

Based on the Greek legislation, Kri Kri Ibex can be hunted only during one day of the week, Friday, from early morning until noon.

Only shotguns can be used for the hunt, using slugs.

The hunt is organized waiting in areas where the Ibexes often come to feed. The shots are at distances of 15 – 20 meters, at most. Lodging in foreseen in a local hotel at the spot.


2 days stay, 1 hunting day, including 1 Kri Kri Ibex $ 15.500

Greece – Kri Kri Ibex – Huntineurope.

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