Changing chokes – are you constantly chopping and changing? | Shooting UK

Do you find you’re suffering from choke changing-itis? Mike George investigates the ailment.

Choke changing-itis is an ailment which has afflicted all of us at one time or another, and I suffered from it as badly as anyone years ago when I had a Beretta 682 Sporter.

Then I got completely seduced by the handling qualities of a fixed-choke Winchester 6500 Sporter, and never wished to own a multichoke again.

Frantically changing chokes

If you have a multichoke it is handy to be able to use the full and 3/4 tubes on the occasional wildfowling trip, but 1/4 and 1/2 is a good general compromise for game, clays and woodpigeons.

Stick with your multichoke by all means, but remember that good technique and constant practice are the secrets of shotgun marksmanship and consistent clayshooting, and frantically changing chokes rarely helps very much.

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