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Down sleeping bags are so comfortable and warm.

I love when fall hits us and I get a chance to go camping. Waking up toasty in a down sleeping bag just makes for fond memories. The reason I like my down sleeping bag is that it’s light to carry and feels better than many other types of sleeping bags

The one drawback I find is that you just can’t toss it into a regular top loading washing machine like other sleeping bags. I know that because I made that mistake with my first down sleeping bag, and what a disaster!

The washer clumped up all the feathers; then I hung it up on the clothesline and all the down sank downward, leaving it lumpy.

I ended up spending a lot of time trying to work the down feathers and spread it back out evenly but had no luck.  Now I have learned how to properly take care of my down sleeping bag and would love to pass that on to you.

Note that you can also use this cleaning method for your puffy blanket.

Keep It Clean

Some of what I have learned is to try and not wash your down sleeping bag. Keeping it clean is the first way to keeping it safe.

If at all possible, use your down sleeping bag in a tent or on a tarp. Keeping the weather off of it will save you a washing.

Also changing into some sleeping clothing before slipping into your sleeping bag will help.

Spot Cleaning your Down Sleeping Bag

You don’t always have to toss it in the washer. If you see a few spots that might have a little dirt or debris on it just use a rag.

When you get home, use a rag moistened with a mild soap. This will usually take care of the spot, and then just drape it over something until it dries.

Air Out Your Bag

At times your bag won’t smell so fresh. If your bag still smells from your hike it may just need some airing out.

Much if not all the smell will be blown away in the wind with a good airing out. The swampy smell will be replaced by mountain fresh air!

You can also use a front-loading dryer on the lowest setting to freshen up your down sleeping bag.

Washing Your Down Sleeping Bag

Ok, so you have a truly dirty bag. You were hiking in 38-degree weather, trekked through mud and hopped in your down sleeping bag with your boots on.

Your significant other is making you wash it even though you don’t think it’s that bad. These are the best steps I have found that work.

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