Will deafness end my gundog’s working life? | Shooting UK

It cleared up within a couple of weeks but I’ve discovered that my eight-year-old is now totally deaf. What should I do?

MARK WHITEHOUSE SAYS: Deafness in a dog of this age is unusual.

I’m no vet, but I’m sure the infection would not have been the instigator to the problem.

We have to remember to take as much care as possible when shooting over gun dogs and not expose them to long spells of continuous discharge at close distances.

This will cause permanent damage to the eardrum and could trigger deafness, or, increase the chance of deafness at an early stage.

If your gun dog cannot hear, then taking him into the shooting field is a recipe for disaster.

I would only work him close to you or sit him on the peg, only giving him retrieves when you can see him or when the drive is over.

Only do this in open space and definitely not woodland because he could get into trouble and you’d be unable to help him out.

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