Is the selective trigger on Baikal shotguns always difficult? | Shooting UK

The safety catch just slides back and forth, not side to side, as it does on my Beretta.

There are two best-kept secrets about Baikal over-under shotguns: one is how to get it to fire top barrel first, and the other is how to turn off the ejectors.

To get the gun to fire top barrel first, you push the trigger forwards until you hear a tiny click.

It then fires top barrel first for that pair of shots only, and needs to be reset if you want to fire top barrel first again.

To turn off the ejectors, you locate what looks like a pair of small grub screw heads in the knuckles, and turn them through 90 degrees.

If every gun had a feature like this, we might spend more time shooting and less time groping around the countryside on our hands and knees picking up cartridge cases.

Lähde: Is the selective trigger on Baikal shotguns always difficult? – Shooting UK


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