Hunting in Iran

Iran is a vast country of 1.6 million sq. kilometers. The geological past and current geographic location has resulted in the appearance of open landscapes with vast mountain ranges, lush forest, arid desert and tropical seaside.

Mountains are habitat to seven distinct and internationally recognized species of wild sheep, the Persian Ibex and Bezoar Ibex. The valleys below them are home to the Goitered and Jabber gazelles, preyed upon by the fastest land animal- the Asiatic cheetah.

Forests are home to the red deer, roe deer, Persian fallow deer, brown bear and some of the largest wild boar in the world.


– Persian Ibex
– Bezoar Ibex
– Kerman sheep
– Red sheep
– Trans-Caspian urial
– Afgan urial
– Laristan mouflon
– Shiraz mouflon
– Isfahan mouflon
– Armenian mouflon
– Wild boar.

Visa & Custom

Currently there are no any restrictions for getting Iranian visa. Since May 2014, Iranian officials started to issue visas for US citizens.

You should plan 4 weeks for getting the visa in a regular way (express visa could be done faster, conditions differs depending on the resident country of applicant).

You will not meet any problem in bringing your rifle with you, we will take care of all the paper work.

The only restriction is 30 cartridges per hunter.

Hunting season

The season runs from October to the end of February. (It can be slightly changed by Wild Life Department).

Hunting in Iran

Hunting is done by spot and stalk while observing animals feeding and rest areas. The most preferable hunting time is in the morning or in the evening, but hunters leave to the hunting area for the whole day.

Jeeps are used for the transportation in the area. No horses involved.

Elevation of the hunt doesn’t exceed 3500 meters . Average shooting distance is 300 – 400 meters. You should be ready for the strong wind and big angle when shooting.

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