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African swine fever is spreading slowly in the Baltic countries and Poland, according to the latest epidemiological data analyzed by these Member States and EFSA.

The disease spreads about 2 km per month in Latvia and Estonia, and 1 km per month in Lithuania and Poland. Moreover, the number of infected animals identified among the hunted wild boars is very low (up to 3%). The outbreaks observed in wild boar in the Baltic countries and in Poland can therefore be defined as a ”small scale epidemic”.

The report covers cases reported between 2014 and 2016.

”This report is the result of fruitful cooperation with the Member States. We will continue to investigate this disease, which has serious socio-economic consequences in the affected countries, ”explains Andrea Gervelmeyer, veterinary epidemiologist at EFSA.

The first cases of African swine fever were identified in Lithuania and eastern Poland in early 2014. The disease was subsequently reported in Latvia and Estonia. The epidemic has not affected other Member States since then.

In order to update the epidemiological analysis on African swine fever in the EU, EFSA applied a harmonized data model agreed by experts at a workshop in November 2015. This analysis can be used by the Member States and the European Commission to refine measures to combat this disease.

The EFSA report highlights the factors that may be associated with the presence of the virus in wild boar. These include the number of colonies, the size of domestic pig populations and the size of human populations, as well as the density of wild boar populations.

Publish date: Wed 2017-Mar-29

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