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The number of confirmed outbreaks of African Swine Fever in the Czech Republic continues to rise. The latest count is at 62.

All outbreaks continue to occur around the city of Zlín in eastern Czech Republic, close to the border with Slovakia.

Every time, there was a finding of one dead wild boar in a forest surrounding the town, after which an infection with African Swine Fever virus was reported in a laboratory. So far, no (backyard) farms have been reported to be infected.

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Stopping the spread of the virus

The Czech minister of agriculture, Marian Jurečka, even called for hunters to actively shoot wild boars in an attempt to stop a further spreading of the virus, according to Radio Prague.

Also, pig breeders are required to meet strict hygiene guidelines.

The first outbreak in the Czech Republic was reported 1 month ago. It is unclear how the virus got into the country, seeing that the virus for the rest is in Eastern Poland and Ukraine.

Most likely, infected meat was brought from these areas and disposed of by humans.

African Swine Fever is a lethal, but slowly spreading virus. It has been in Europe since 2007; Figure 1 shows the advancement of the virus ever since it was introduced in Europe in Georgia and Armenia.

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